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Behavior Problem Prevention

Prevention is truly the best medicine, even for behavioral health. Bringing a new pet into your home can be fun but challenging. Start off right with your new family member and help prevent future behavior problems. Learn tips customized to your pet and family situation.

  • Manage nuisance behaviors like destruction, jumping and barking/meowing
  • Crate training
  • Best litter box environment
  • Living with kids and pets
  • Proper play and socialization

Note Training classes from a reward-based trainer are always recommended (see AVSAB recommendations on choosing a trainer). Prevention consultations are not intended to address serious behavior problems like aggression or severe anxiety. We may require a full consultation to address certain problems; however, the $60 fee can be credited to a full consultation.

Puppy and Kitten classes are offered on a regular basis. Please contact Nelle Wyatt (865-974-8387) for more information on puppy/kitten classes, Prevention Consultations, or any of our other services


Would you like to sponsor a Prevention Consult for a deserving new pet owner? Please contact our Development Office.





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