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Scheduling an Appointment

Physical or medical problems often contribute to a behavioral problem or can affect a treatment plan. Please contact your regular veterinarian to schedule a physical exam if your pet has not been examined for this behavior problem in the last 3 months. Routine blood work and possibly other tests like urinalysis and endocrine function are important in assessing your animalís health and will be required before any medications will be prescribed. Please see your regular veterinarian for these laboratory tests as well. Lab testing can be performed during the consultation if requested by your veterinarian.

To set up an appointment with the UTVMC Animal Behavior Clinic, call 865-974-VETS (8387) and ask for Nelle Wyatt, behavior technician. You will receive a call within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Please tell the operator if this is an urgent matter.

Please fill out the appropriate form and return to us at least 3 days BEFORE your scheduled appointment date. The dog and cat forms are interactive PDFs so you may type on these form, save to the desktop, and send back to us as an e-mail attachment. You may also print off the form and then fax or mail it to the number/address on the form. If you prefer to hand-write your answers, simply print off the blank form and fax or mail the completed form to us. Please contact Nelle Wyatt if you have not received a phone call or e-mail confirming our receipt of the form.

What to bring to an appointment:

Please bring your pet and any family members that are involved in the behavior problem and treatment. Although we suggest young children not attend consult, we understand that it is necessary at times.

We request at least one adult handler for each dog attending the consult.

There is a common waiting room for all Small Animal UTVMC services. If you feel your dog will be reactive or aggressive to people or pets in this area, please call us (865-974-8387) from your car and someone will meet you outside to usher you straight to the consultation room.

Other items that may be helpful:

  • Favorite treats (especially if you pet has a food allergy)
  • Favorite toys
  • Familiar blanket or dog bed
  • Any training tools you currently or previously used (if you still have)
  • Current medication/supplement bottles or packaging
  • Please decrease meals by at least 50% the day of the consultation so your pet is hungry and motivated for training sessions
  • Medical records or laboratory results from the last 3 months

Videos and photographs of your pet and his/her environment can be extremely helpful. If you can safely video your pet exhibiting the problem behavior (e.g. video possible separation anxiety dog when home alone) please do so. Please do not put your pet or people in a dangerous situation just to obtain a video.

Please contact us ( or 865-974-8387) if you have any questions about preparing for your consult.

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