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alpha psi sheildAlpha Psi is a social-professional fraternity that was started in 1907 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The fraternity is open to men and women who are attending a veterinary school and currently has 12 active chapters in the United States.

At the University of Tennessee, the Sigma chapter of Alpha Psi was started in 1992, and is currently the only social veterinary fraternity at UT. The fraternity gives students a chance to develop friendships between students in different classes and at different schools. Sigma chapter currently has 31 active members and is always striving to add more. Some of the projects that the local chapter is involved in are the Meals on Wheels project for pets, sponsoring student scholarships, providing wet labs for students, hosting an incoming picnic for freshman, the senior roast, and the SCAVMA/Alpha Psi auction. The fraternity also hosts the "Saturday Social", a chance for students to meet and hang out with each other on the weekends. This year our goal is to have more student/faculty interaction outside of school, so please come join the fun. 

   More on Our Projects

Alpha Psi group photo Alpha Psi/SCAVMA Auction: This is an annual auction put on by the two organizations to raise money for student clubs and activities. Local businesses make donations to be auctioned at the yearly East Tennessee Veterinary Conference. The proceeds go to Alpha Psi for its scholarships, wet labs, and various other events. Also, a portion of the money goes to SCAVMA to its individual clubs for their own use. This year a portion was also set aside to send students to the annual SAVMA Symposium in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Meals on Wheels: Alpha Psi works in conjunction with Meals on Wheels, which provides food to low income, elderly people who are not able to provide sufficient food for themselves. Seeing the need to supply food for the pets of these people as well, Alpha Psi decided to help out. With donations from Hillís and Iams and buying some of the food, Alpha Psi is able to provide food for these pets. This is not just a chance for the students to help people in need, it also provides a chance for students to get out into the community and spread knowledge of our profession. Last semester Alpha Psiís Meals on Wheels won the award for best community service project on campus.

Community Service: Alpha Psi also has participated in canned food rives, stuffed animal drives, and trash pick-up to benefit our community. 

Scholarships: Alpha Psi provides two $250 scholarships to its members who it feels contributes to the fraternity, but who is also involved in other school and community related activities. 

Wet Labs: Alpha Psi provides wet labs for vet students to learn things that may not be touched on very much in class or techniques that the curriculum does not give much practice in performing. Some recent wet lab topics include equine ultrasound and endoscopy. These labs are open to all students, however, they are free to Alpha Psi members but cost other students. 

Incoming Picnic: This is a picnic in the UT trial gardens provided by Alpha Psi and SCAVMA. The picnic is during orientation for the first year students and provides a chance for the incoming students to get to know the other students. 


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