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Emergency & Critical Care Society

The Emergency and Critical Care Society (ECCS) is an interactive SCAVMA organization for students interested in the growing field of small animal emergency medicine and intensive care. A key feature of this club is the opportunity for members to gain exposure and experience to emergency and critical cases through a required monthly shift in the veterinary college's small animal intensive care unit.

Students are able to assist with restraint, treatments, and monitoring of patients; at the same time, they learn about these patients' disease conditions and progress through interaction with clinicians, technicians, and senior students.

ECCS also holds biweekly meetings featuring discussions on such subjects as blood transfusions and donor programs, nutrition in critically ill patients, and snake bite management.

"Wet labs" geared to instructing members on a variety of emergency procedures such as CPR and chest tube placement are being planned as well. We're very fortunate in that we are part of a national student organization of ECCS, so our members receive a biannual newsletter highlighting the goings-on of other colleges' programs, as well as information on accessing emergency medicine topics on the veterinary information network (VIN). The benefits of ECCS are many, and the topics the club addresses are vital to the knowledge base of any veterinarian.

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