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Proud of Her Degree Dr. Sandra Newman '06

Dr. Newman

Upon graduation Dr. Sandra Newman remembers the lovely vision of seeing DVM adjacent to her name on her diploma. When it came time to display her credentials she wanted to show her pride for her alma mater. Dr. Newman selected a beautiful, decorative mat and frame. Her diploma is proudly framed and hanging in the lobby of Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN. Newman joined Bluegrass in 2006 and has been delighted to be a part of the team. She works with three other alums, Dr. Cristi Moser 94, Dr. Jessica Disney 07, and Dr. Jayme Peck 10. Dr. Newman married her husband Brian 8 years ago they have one dog, Maverick, and 4 cats, Tiger, Helen, Sebastian and Ginger. If you would like to have your degree framed similarly to Dr. Newmans, please contact Fast Frame at 865.693.6016 or visit

Megan McMurray
Knoxville, TN


2010-07-21 00:00:00

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