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"Down But Not Out!"

Down But Not OutA banner across the Animal Hospital of West Nashville (AHWN) currently reads, “Down, but not out!” Alum Dr. Jill Burgess lost nearly everything from her newly remodeled facility due to the Nashville flood earlier this year. Unfortunately the flood devastated the area, most businesses have reopened their doors – AHWN is not part of these businesses as they were hit the hardest. Dr. Burgess is currently seeing necessary clients at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and working to reopen her doors. Driving by the building, it doesn’t look so bad; it is what is inside that strikes the chords to business owners. If you think you may be able to assist Dr. Burgess in any way, please contact

Megan McMurray
Knoxville, TN


2010-08-27 00:00:00

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