Center for Agriculture and Food Security and Preparedness (CAFSP)

Certficate Program

Terms of Validity

  1. The Term of Validity for certificates is based on the most current industry accepted guidelines and/or regulations. In the case of certificates provided through FDA funding, the Term of Validity is based on the most current FDA Food Code. Certificate requirements and assessments are reviewed by SME’s and sponsoring agency when new guidelines are published to insure compliance. The certificate will be valid for life.
  2. The Oversight Committee will review this decision at the release of every new Food Code to ensure that the information in previous versions is not so outdated as to make it necessary for certificate holders to retake the courses. Should the OC decide that the certificate is still valid for life, no changes to the program will be needed. Should the OC decide that all the certificate holders need to be have the updated information in order for the certificate to remain valid, the OC will develop a plan to alert the certificate holders and how to implement the updates to the certificate program.
  3. Process to confirm certificate validity for individual certificate holders
    • Should employers or other agencies wish to verify that an individual has obtained a certificate, they should contact the Program Manager
    • The Program Manager will confirm or deny that the individual holds a certificate. Scores will not be released without written permission from the individual


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