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Instructor-Led Course

FD204: Temporary Food Establishments


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Special events, such as traveling fairs, carnivals, circuses, multicultural celebrations, special interest fundraisers, restaurant food shows, national special security events and other large special events are an extremely popular tradition across the country and are held at an increasing frequency. Many of these events have temporary food establishments (TFEs) with high risk food operations engaging in extensive preparation of raw ingredients; processes that include the cooking, cooling, and reheating of potentially hazardous foods; and advanced preparation of food days prior to service. The TFEs operate either indoors or outdoors and often have limited physical and sanitary facilities available. These TFEs present special challenges to regulatory authorities that have the responsibility to license, permit and inspect them.


This course outlines the key elements for conducting application reviews, menu reviews, and inspections of temporary food establishments (TFEs). Emphasis is placed on the proper design and location of food storage, preparation and serving operations and sanitary facilities. Key steps for planning for TFEs at a national special security event or other large-scale special event are also covered. Methods of instruction include lectures with hands-on group exercises and discussion to reinforce performance-level concepts.

Target Audience

The target audience is federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local food regulatory officials who are responsible for conducting application reviews and inspections of temporary food establishments.


  • Food Microbiology online course
  • Providing a Solid Foundation for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System
  • Read "Pre-Operational Guide for Temporary Food Establishments"


Instructor-led courses fees vary due to the cost of materials and course production. Please contact us for costing information.


Total instructional time is 16.00 hours over 2 days



Time Allocation


Course Introduction and Definition of a TFE

1.50 hours


Responsibilities and Planning Associated with TFEs

1.50 hours


Public Health Risks Associated with TFEs

1.50 hours


TFE Application Evaluation

3.00 hours


Facilities and Equipment

2.50 hours


Inspections and Evaluations

3.00 hours


Large Scale TFEs

2.00 hours


Course Summary and Administration

1.00 hours


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