All CAIT committees are open to public membership. Anyone can sit in or join a committee at any time. If you would like more information on a committee or the projects they are working on, please email us at

Education Committee
This committee is committed to Humane Education and reaching out to the community. The committee has developed PSA’s and a Speakers Bureau that contains presentations on companion animal issues, such as Choosing a Pet and The Link between Humane and Animal Violence. There are educational materials for children, students and adults.

Legislative Committee
This committee DOES NOT lobby. The committee watches bills that are introduced in the TN Legislature each year and educates the citizens on those activities.

The committee also produces the "Animal Laws of Tennessee" notebook in partnership with the UT College of Law. This notebook contains all laws that pertain to animals in Tennessee and is updated yearly to add in any new laws that have been adopted.

Sterilization Committee
Spay & Neuter, spay neuter, spay neuter!! This committee is all about spay neuter activities in :State Tennessee :place . Spay Day events, TNR, and CE wet labs for practicing veterinarians and veterinary students are just a few of their projects.