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Center for Equine Veterinary Research

The Center for Equine Veterinary Research (CEVR) was created at the University of Tennessee to focus energy and effort on equine research. The CEVR is not a new building or research farm, but instead represents a collection of motivated researchers who are committed to improving the medical care provided to horses. Members of the CEVR include clinicians and PhD researchers, and most of us work as veterinarians within the Veterinary Medical Center. Our research focuses upon medical problems that are important and relevant to horse owners and veterinarians in our region. The CEVR is financially supported by the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and external granting agencies, but additional funds are needed to expand our program. One of the most important areas for growth is our graduate student training program, so please consider making a financial contribution to support a graduate student. Follow this link to find out more information. You are also invited to financially support our general research program or specific projects. Please contact me if you have suggestions for new areas of equine research that would be important to you and your horse.





It is our mission is to conduct research that will improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease in horses and train the next generation of equine researchers.


The following goals have been identified for the CEVR:

  • To emphasize graduate student training with the aim of increasing the number of clinical researchers engaged in equine research
  • To make our veterinary students more aware of the equine research being conducted at the University of Tennessee
  • To foster a climate that increases funding from grants, corporations, and private individuals
  • To increase collaborative research opportunities
  • To engage additional faculty members in equine research
  • To address medical issues of importance to our clients and referring veterinarians

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