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Farm Animal Medicine & Surgery

Call for Appts: (865) 974-5701
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

cattle in the fieldThe Farm Animal Service within the veterinary academic hospital, provides a medical, surgical and reproductive diagnostic and treatment service for cattle, llamas, goats, sheep, pigs and ratites on an individual or group basis.

Diagnostic information is extended to the on farm situation in order to improve the care and productivity of farm and ranch animals.

The goal of the service is to provide a top class service to the agricultural community through the application of new knowledge and at the same time provide meaningful teaching opportunities for veterinary students. The University of Tennessee Large Animal Teaching Hospital is a modern, very well equipped facility with many diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. Some of the equipment and facilities include

  • 1,2, and 3 meter videoendoscopes

  • ultrasonography

  • sophisticated anesthesia monitoring capabilities

  • electrodiagnostics

  • nuclear medicine complex

  • neonatal intensive care unit

  • isolation facilities

Mission Statement:  Farm Animal Medicine & Surgery
To advance the practice of Farm Animal Medicine & Surgery by promotion of Scholarly activity, education and maintenance of animal health through innovative teaching, research, and clinical service.


Dr. Sarel Van Amstel

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