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Client-Patient Visitation Policy

Call for Appts: (865) 974-5701
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital, at the University of Tennessee, is a comprehensive patient management center. The Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences provides the highest quality of care for all hospitalized patients. To maintain and improve this quality care, decrease patient stress, and provide clients/owners with the most current and accurate information about their animals, we have established a visitation policy similar to those found in human hospitals. Animals that are sick require rest just as you would. This policy has been instituted for your safety and for the comfort of all hospitalized patients.

  • Visitation During Regular Business Hours (9 am - 4 pm weekdays)

Please contact the Large Animal receptionist by phone (865-974-5701) and inform the receptionist that upon arrival you would like to visit your hospitalized animal. All visitations must be cleared through the reception desk and the clinician in charge.

  • Visitation After Regular Business Hours (4 pm - 9 am weekdays, all day weekends, holidays)

We do not encourage after hours visiting. All after hours visitations must be arranged with the clinician in charge of your case. This should been done well in advance of the anticipated visitation time. If a last minute decision is made not to make the visit, please contact the Large Animal Clinic, so that the clinician involved can be informed.

Clients will always be kept informed of a patients progress or status on a regular basis. This will be done by the clinician in charge if the case or by the resident/intern/student assisting on the case and under the direction of the clinician.

We hope that you understand the reasons for the above policy. We appreciate your interest and your support of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee

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