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Population Medicine

Call for Appts: (865) 974-5701
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

An important facet of service provided by the college is population medicine. This service provides clients, with groups (populations) of animals of all species, consultation on prevention and control of disease and on methods to improve productivity.

Veterinary faculty and students are involved in this program. This program includes evaluation of husbandry, management, nutritional and preventive medical programs. Emphasis is on finding cost effective means of solving problems involving health and/or productivity.

Population medicine involves regular on farm consultations and is offered to food animal clients. During farm visits, disease and production records are analyzed and recommendations are made based on performance goals set by the veterinarian and producer. This service can be especially beneficial to the Tennessee producer who is already operating at a moderate to high level of efficiency but would like to further increase productivity and profit.

Dr. Bart Rohrbach 

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