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UTCVM Dental Procedures

Veterinarians at the University of Tennesse regularly perform various dental procedures, ranging from routine teeth floating and wolf tooth extraction to complicated cheek tooth extractions. Several power-floating units are available, enabling our veterinarians to perform both routine and complicated teeth floating and to complete these procedures effectively and swiftly. Dental extractions are performed with the horse sedated, using local analgesia, or sometimes with the horse anesthetized. Our surgeons are experienced in treating horses with conditions associated with dental abnormalities, such as paranasal sinusitis. Horses with fractures of the upper or lower jaw are frequently seen, and these fractures are usually repaired with the horse standing, using sedation and regional or local analgesia. Developmental abnormalities, such as “parrot-mouth” and “sow-mouth,” can often be corrected.

  • Dental procedures

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