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Comparative Medicine

Comparative Medicine

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Click here to go to Diagnostic Service Laboratories site Click here to go to Veterinary Public Health page click here to go to Biomedical Science page The Department of Comparative Medicine is a triad of sections: Biomedical Sciences, Diagnostic Service Laboratories, and Veterinary Public Health. (Click on name in figure at right for more info). If looking for Comparative & Experimental Medicine (CEM) Graduate Program, please click here.

The academic and service responsibilities of the Department of Comparative Medicine are very diverse and encompass pre-clinical and clinical disciplines. In the Biomedical Science section academic responsibilities include animal behavior, anatomy, bacteriology, endocrinology, histology, immunology, mycology, parasitology, pharmacology, physiology, toxicology, and virology.

The department is responsible for diagnostic laboratories serving our hospital clients and private practitioners from this country and abroad in bacteriology, endocrinology, parasitology, immunology, toxicology and virology. Diagnostic Services is an area of strength in the department because many of the faculty who teach the traditional biomedical science disciplines are also active in the management and operation of diagnostic laboratories. This provides continuity in education and its application in veterinary medicine.

The department’s unique blend of disciplines and faculty interactions has led to the development of several areas of expertise. 


a ) To prepare veterinary students for careers in veterinary medicine and in particular to lay the foundation for non-traditional careers in clinical and non-clinical veterinary medicine.

b ) To promote discovery and graduate training in veterinary medicine and public health to constantly improve the knowledge-base emphasing the diverse array of disciplines within the department.

c ) To provide comprehensive and high quality diagnostic and clinical services to our clients, collaborators and veterinary practitioners in Tennessee and nationwide.


The faculty of this unique and multidisciplinary department strive to attain excellence in teaching and scholarship in veterinary medicine.


Ms. Betsy Cagle, Program/Resource Specialist
College of Veterinary Medicine
Comparative Medicine, A205
University of Tennessee
2407 River Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-4550

Tel: (865) 974-5570

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