Behaviors that are important in preventing dog bites in children


Stand like a tree
  1. Stay away from dogs that are not accompanied by an adult.
  2. Never try to pet a dog unless you first ask the owner for permission.
  3. If you get permission to pet a dog, pet the dog slowly on the side of the neck and do not reach above the head in an attempt to pet the dog on the top of the head.
  4. Stay away from dogs that are sad, mad or just unfriendly.
  5. Do not stare at a strange/stray dog. Some dogs are threatened by staring.
  6. Do not tease a dog or be unkind to a dog. This includes yelling at a dog or throwing things at it.
  7. Never go near a dog that is behind a fence or in a car.
  8. If a stray dog approaches you and there are no adults around, then stand very still like a tree. Never run from a dog.
  9. If you are on the ground and a stray dog comes near you, lay very still like a log. Never run from a dog.
  10. Stay away from a dog that is eating, chewing a bone, playing with a toy, sleeping, one that has been injured, or a mother dog that is feeding her pups. Stay away from a dog that is chewing on a bone or a favorite toy.
  11. Respect dogs and realize that they do not communicate the same way that human beings do.
  12. Never attempt to hug a dog around the neck.
  13. Do not play rough or pretend to fight with a dog.
  14. Do not run around a dog and especially if you have something to eat in your hand.
  15. Never feed a dog without the owner’s permission and never tease a dog with food.
  16. Always tell an adult that a stray dog came near you.
  17. Never go near a working dog. Stay away.