The biting truth about dogs
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Dogs are great companions and much-loved members of many families. But all dogs can bite, so their owners must take responsibility to prevent this very normal, but often dangerous behavior. "Dogs are not furry children," said Dianne Foster, animal inspector for the City of Gloucester. "They are dogs, not children with human qualities, and every dog bites. It's what they do." "Dogs are everywhere now, and people expect their dogs to interact in public," she said, so there are more opportunities ... (more)


Dog bite safety dont get bitten
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Rogelio Gonzalez is an uncle and a dog owner. His young niece and nephew visit to play with Andre, his black Labrador-mastiff mix. It has always been one of his main goals to make sure that his family, and dog, is safe. I have always told my niece and nephew when they play with our dog to not play too rough with him and never pull his tail, Gonzalez said. "I also tell them never to bother him when he is eating and to keep their hands away from his mouth while hes eating. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that ... (more)


Protect kids from dog bites

Every year in the United States, 3.5 million children are bitten by dogs, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that by age 12, half of all children in this country will have experienced a dog bite. Children under the age of seven are especially vulnerable and are most likely to experience more severe injuries to their head, neck and face when bitten by a dog. In light of the recent and very unfortunate baby A.J. incident, I spoke with American Humane's director of Humane Education, Jane Greco Deming, to learn some simple steps parents can take to protect their children as well as what parents can teach their children about dogs so they can avoid being bitten. Read more: ... (more)


Baby critically injured after being dragged by family dog
July 23, 11:16 PM

Earlier this week, A.J. Smith, a newborn baby was dragged out of his crib and into the woods behind his home by the family dog, Dakota. A.J. was critically injured and is still hospitalized but is expected to recover. This tragic incident drives home the importance of protecting children from injuries from dogs and dog bites, whether from an intentional attack or from accidental injury. It is believed that Dakota, a four year old wolf hybrid, was ... (more)


Dog bite a pain for teen

An afternoon jog along Barrie's lakeshore turned ugly for a Barrie teen earlier this week when his leg was bitten by a dog. Karen Shipley said her 18-year-old son, Andrew, was bitten by a local man's dog while running near Minet's Point Drive on Wednesday afternoon. "My son was jogging along the lakeshore and there was a man with two dogs on the path. He was stopped with them," Karen said yesterday. "When Andrew went by them, he said the one black dog ... (more)


Dog bite prevention
By Elliot Bronson

Every year, more than 500 Florida residents sustain dog bite injuries severe enough to require hospitalization, and two Floridians die due to injuries from dog bites. Injury rates in Florida are highest among children between the ages of one and nine years old. However, dog bites can also result in serious injuries for teenagers and adults. In 2006, three Florida residents 25 years or older died as a result of dog attacks. Studies show that ... (more)


Humane Education
Kids Interacting with Dogs Safely

In many cases, children and dogs are the best of friends. But according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.5 million children are bitten by dogs each year, and most victims are under the age of 9. Sadly, kids 7 years old and younger are 66 percent more likely to experience severe injuries to the face, head and neck, which makes sense considering smaller children's height and proximity to dogs' heads. Adding to this problem is the fact that the vast majority of dog-bite prevention programs are geared toward children ages 8 and up. Thus, the age group most in need is least served. A Curriculum That Teaches Empathy, Not Fear American Humane's KIDS Project includes classroom curricula as well as an instructional and entertaining children's DVD created by the award-winning humane education filmmaker Erik Friedl. Our breakthrough KIDS Project is designed to: ... (more)


Dog Bites Happen More Than You Think

Each year across the United States more than 4 million people are bitten by dogs. Most of the bites are superficial and cause little damage, but a government agency reports 885,000 people suffer bites severe enough to seek medical treatment and in 2007 there were 33 fatal dog maulings. In the past week in East Texas, three dog attacks left two people injured and 10-year-old Justin Clinton of Leverett's Chapel dead after he was attacked by two pit bulls. Statistics Show Dog Attacks Occur Frequently No one ever sees the weekly bites we have. We work about 140 animal bites each year just in the city of Tyler. Shawn Markmann, Tyler Animal Control director Since the attacks, the Tyler Courier-Times--Telegraph has answered numerous phone calls and letters from citizens either expressing their concerns over a certain breed, or those who believe the pit bull is being villianized. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ... (more)


Insurance Companies Balk at Covering Dangerous Dogs
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Dogs that bite people can cause disfigurement, broken bones, amputations, emotional trauma and even death. While the psychological aspects of dog bites are significant, the economic costs are also high. Injuries from dog bites and attacks may require surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and counseling. If the dog owner owns a home there may be homeowners insurance that may provide dog-bite victims a source of recovery for the injuries and damages they have endured. Additionally, if the dog owner ... (more)


UT, Knox schools work to prevent dog bites
New DVDs teach first-graders how to avoid attacks

Two weeks after her son's seventh birthday, Angie Wright had the scare of her life. Last November, her son, Mel, was playing in the yard with other children, along with a stray dog Wright had found and whose owner she was trying to locate. In the excitement, Mel hugged the dog, who turned and ... (more)


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