Keeping kids safe from dog attacks

MANATEE It is hard to imagine fourth-degree black belt Boon Brown vulnerable to much. But the owner of Ancient Ways Martial Arts has never forgotten when as a young boy on family vacation a family dog turned on him, causing serious damage to his face. Twenty stitches later Brown had nearly lost an eye but recovered. He went on to a life of martial arts and the founding of his Bradenton dojo. But the trauma he suffered that day stuck with him and for fifth year now he is holding a seminar for kids to learn how ... (more)


Dog Bites In The Falls
News1 KAUZ

There are a lot of stray dogs out in the country and in cities for that matter. Most people stay away because of the dangers of an attack, but sometimes attacks can happen with your own pets. Heather Mills reports. Multimedia Watch The Video There were 265 reported dog bites in Wichita County just last year. About twenty percent of those bites required a moderate amount of medical attention. A young girl and her grandmother, attacked by ... (more)


Pit Bull Bites 13-Year-Old Boy's Face

The attack took place 1000 block of Shearwater Drive on the Northside, where Javarious Davis was at a friend's house play basketball when a pit bull came after him and bit him in the face. "It was kind of like a nightmare, like Friday the 13th stuff. I was scared," Davis said. Police said the 11-month-old pit bull escaped from a nearby fenced-in yard. Davis said he tried to run when ... (more)


Boy, 7, recovering well after severe dog bite
Dan England

Even after the dog nearly bit his face off, an injury so bad his mother initially thought he might die, Jesse Shaffers biggest fear was going back to school and facing ridicule from his fellow second-graders. He was scheduled to go back to his Fort Lupton elementary school on Halloween, and Jesse thought he looked like ... (more)


Dog bites woman, 2 boys
by Clarissa Dodge - Nov. 12, 2008 04:58 PM

A dog bit a woman and two children after it got out of its backyard through an open gate around 5 p.m. Tuesday, according to Gilbert police. The dog bit the 11-year-old and 13-year-old boys as they were apparently trying to help catch the yellow Chow that ... (more)


Boy, 4, Attacked By Dog At Day Care
Child Airlifted To Hospital

DELTONA, Fla. -- A 4-year-old boy was airlifted to a hospital Tuesday morning after being attacked by a dog at a Deltona home day care, deputies said. The boy, identified as Landon Hill, suffered puncture wounds to the top of the head and chest, but his injuries were not life-threatening, Volusia County sheriff's deputies said. The attack occurred at Ms. Sherri's Childcare, which is licensed as Webster Family Childcare, on Yellowbird Avenue. No other children were injured. Sherri Webster, who owns and operates the day care, also owns two dogs, a boxer mix named Libby and a lab-mix named Bear. The dogs were chained in her back yard when Bear attacked the boy. "I just heard ... (more)


Harry, owner offer tips on petting animals
By Rose Mary Budge - Special to the Express-News

When Reuters reporter Jon Decker's finger was nipped by President Bush's dog Barney outside the White House last week, he became one of the 4.7 million Americans bitten by dogs every year. Fortunately, Decker was not one of the 1,000 dog-bite victims who land in the emergency room every day. Harry, who has never bitten anybody, wants to bring scary numbers down to size. So, the long-haired dachshund has collaborated with Stephanie Calmenson, on a little guidebook for kids called, May I Pet Your Dog? (Clarion Books, $9.95). The book, full of helpful advice for adults as well as children, clearly explains ... (more)


Toddler attacked by family dog
Posted: Oct 27, 2008 09:18 PM EDT

SPOKANE -- It's a frightening thought: The family dog suddenly going on the attack. For one Spokane Valley family, that scenario happened last week, leaving an 18-month-old child with serious injuries. When we think of pit bull or other dog attacks, the first thought is ... (more)


Safety tips for your trick-or-treaters
by Cathy Woolridge

Pint-sized goblins will be prowling the night on Halloween. Theyll fly between houses in search of treats, but the costumed characters wont be concerned about safety. As fun as Halloween is, the holiday can harbor some hazards for children and pets. Officer Gerald Duty, of the St. Joseph Safety Council, and Rick Smith, manager of the St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue, offer some safety tips to parents and pet owners. ... (more)


Vet Group Offers Tips on Introducing Dog to Baby
American Veterinary Medical Association provides the dos and donts of making it work.

When Sparky and Junior meet for the first time, its a good idea for the new parents to be vigilant. The American Veterinary Medical Association offers safety tips for a smooth introduction between dog and baby. Dr. Bonnie Beaver, former AVMA president and professor at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, says that before a newborn arrives in the home, the family dog needs to adjust to not being the center of attention anymore. Begin training ... (more)


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