A moment alone in a crib results in fatal dog bite
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com - Newark,NJ,USA

It only took an instant. A 6-day-old baby girl from Hopatcong was momentarily left alone in her crib Saturday, seemingly safe, authorities said. But that's when the family dog, a 40-pound male husky named Shadow, bit the baby on the head and inflicted a mortal wound. Alexis Hennessy, born Aug. 31, was rushed to Morristown Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead Saturday night, authorities said. Both parents, whose names were not released, were home at the time. Hopatcong Police Chief John Swanson said no other children were in the house. The baby's mother "left the room momentarily and came back in and ... (more)


2-year-old boy stable after dog bites his face in Pacoima
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA; June 5, 2008

2-year-old boy stable after dog bites his face in Pacoima The child was attacked in the backyard of his grandmother, who was also injured by the dog. The bite is severe but not life-threatening, and some plastic surgery will be needed, police say. By Tami Abdollah, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 10:42 AM PDT, June 5, 2008 A 2-year-old boy was in stable condition today at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles the day after half his face was bitten by a dog in Pacoima, police said. FOR THE RECORD: Dog attack: An earlier online version of this article quoted authorities as saying that the dog was a pit bull. The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services said Friday that the animal that bit the toddler was a shepherd mix. The dog remains under quarantine. The toddler was in the backyard of his home in the 13000 block of Louvre Street, playing under his grandmother's supervision, when the family dog "for unknown reasons turned around and tackled the child" Wednesday morning, said Los Angeles Police Sgt. Rich Suviate. "The dog bit him from the bridge of his nose right underneath his eye socket, down the bridge of his nose, through his mouth and the entire cheek area. It was a very, very nasty injury," Suviate said. At the same time, he said the doctor at Childrens Hospital said "there was no nasal cavity or sinus cavity injuries, which I guess is huge." The attack took place shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday. The boy's grandmother immediately ... (more)


Animal Bites on the Rise
Palestine Herald Press - Palestine,TX,USA; June 3, 2008

Animal bites on the rise Sheriff's office expects twice as many as last year By PAUL STONE The Palestine Herald Animal bites are on pace to considerably surpass last years number in Anderson County, and officials are offering some basic safety precautions to keep from being a victim this summer. Through last week, Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor told the Herald-Press there had been a total of 24 animal bites reported in Anderson County this year, compared to just 28 for all of 2007. It looks like were going to double our animal bites this year, Taylor said. Thats not a good thing. Of the 24 bites reported in Anderson County thus far this year, the sheriff said 13 of the victims have been bitten by an animal belonging to someone other than themselves. ... (more)


Their First 'Baby' Was a Dog
Wall Street Journal - USA

While pregnant with her first child, Meridith Duffy cried nearly every day -- to her dog trainer. She feared she'd have to part with her pit bull, Haley, when her child was born. Haley "had never bitten anyone," says Ms. Duffy, who lives in Braintree, Mass. "But I knew she had that potential, and I was nervous." The trainer had a solution: ... (more)


Pit Bull Attacks 5-year-old Boy
KXRM - Colorado Springs,CO,USA

A 5-year-old boy was severely attacked by a pit bull. It happened in the 12-hundred block of Chiricaua Drive. The boy had life-threatening injuries, but is now in stable condition and able to talk. He needed 2,000 stitches and 2 surgeries, and will likely need more in the future. His next door neighbor, 20-year-old Michael Brown has been charged with possession of a dangerous dog, a misdemeanor. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says ... (more)


Despite Perceptions, Dog Bites on the Decline -- National Dog Bite Prevention Week.
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA

In the last ten years, contrary to much-publicized estimates of the number of dog bites in the United States, the nation has seen stunning decreases in the actual number of reported dog bites. Dog safety education programs, better understanding of canine behavior, increased awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering animals, and the creation and enforcement of leash laws have contributed to this decline. fast healing, no lasting impairment. Continuing research by the National Canine Research Council has revealed that, contrary to much-publicized estimates of the number of dog bites in the United States, the actual numbers of reported dog bites across the country have been falling over the past three decades. In the last ten years, in particular, America has seen stunning decreases in reported dog bites, Dog safety education programs, better understanding of canine behavior, increased awareness of the importance of ... (more)


Veterinarians, Pediatricians And Postal Workers Team Up To Reduce Incidence Of Dog Bites
May 16, 2008 - Medical News Today - UK

There are very few public health crises that can truly be cured by public awareness and education ... but dog bites are one of them. There are 4. 7 million people bitten by dogs every year, and this suffering, injury, disability and mortality is completely unnecessary. It's up to people, not dogs, to stop dog bites. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has joined with the United States Post Office (USPS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in sponsoring Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 18-24th, 2008, to help prevent dog bites. Small children are the most common victims, followed by older people and USPS employees. "Every year approximately 800,000 Americans receive medical attention for dog bites, and half of these victims are children, so this is a very serious problem," says Dr. Gregory S. Hammer, AVMA president. "About a dozen dog bite victims die every year. What's most important is that dog bites are largely preventable. Through appropriate dog training and education of adults and children, these numbers could be dramatically reduced. That's why Dog Bite Prevention Week is so important, because it brings to attention this preventable medical problem." "The Postal ServiceTM continues its tradition of joining forces ... (more)


Take Steps To Prevent Dog Bites
May 17, 2008 - The Huntsville Times - Huntsville, AL, USA

If you've ever been the victim of a dog bite, you are one in more than 5 million Americans each year who suffer injuries from a canine's teeth. The cost relating to dog bites tops $1 billion each year in the U.S., according to the World Wide Pet Industry Association (WWPIA), the oldest nonprofit organization promoting responsible pet care. "With summer approaching, more people will be spending time outdoors with their dogs," said Doug Poindexter, president of the WWPIA, in a press release. "It is important for the community to know ... (more)


Preventing Dog Bites
May 18, 2008 - TriCities.com - Johnson City,TN,USA

May 18-24 is Dog Bite Prevention Week. One of the surest ways to create a dangerous dog is to chain it to a tree or doghouse and leave it to pace the same patch of dirt for years on end. Though most people find the notion of chaining a dog for its life abhorrent, many people in our community still resort to the easy way out when it comes to caring for their dog. Sadly, what makes for a lonely, agonizing existence for the dog also creates a dangerous situation for our children. Hundreds of children are killed or seriously maimed every year by chained dogs. Dogs are social animals. When kept chained and isolated from their pack, dogs become pathologically ... (more)


Top Ten Ways to Prevent Dog Bites
May, 2008 - Baltimore SUN, United States

Here, in honor of Dog Bite Prevention Week, are the top 10 ways to avoid getting bitten by your dog, or someone else's, courtesy of the American Veterinary Medical Association: 1. Pick a dog that is good match for your home. Consult your veterinarian for details about the behavior of different breeds. 2. Socialize your pet. Gradually expose your puppy to a variety of people and other animals so it feels at ease in these situations; continue this exposure as your dog gets older. 3. Train your dog. Commands can build ... (more)


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