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Papers for Faculty Lunch-time Discussions

 Archived Papers: 
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  1. Teaching Tips - Table of Contents
  2. January 12
    • "Teaching as a Scholarly Act" 
    • "Reflections on the Scholarship of Teaching" (4 total pages).
  3. January 26.
    • "Course Anatomy: The Dissection and Analysis of Knowledge Through Teaching".  
      (by Lee Shulman - an excellent primer on the scholarship of teaching and how to begin to document it.
  4. February 18. 
    • "From Scholarship Reconsidered to Scholarship Assessed".
    • February 18 - second short paper.
      • "What the Learning Paradigm Means for Faculty". 
        ( This short paper is excellent. I highly recommend it even though we may not use it in one of the faculty discussions.)
  5. February 25 
    • "Discussion Method Teaching: How To Make It Work"
  6. March 9a
    • "Helping Students Learn to Think Like Experts When Solving Clinical Problems." (For additional information after the discussion)
    • March 9b
      • "Encouraging Critical Thinking Using the Case Study Method..." 
  7. Future use  
    • "Powerful Partnerships: A Shared Responsibility for Learning"  
  8. April 8  
    • "Connecting What We Know and What We Do Through Problem-Based Learning".  (From March, 1999 Amer. Assoc. of Higher Educ. Bulletin)
  9. May 24  
    • "Post -Tenure Review: Rehabilitation or Enrichment" 
      (From April 1999 Amer. Assoc. of Higher Educ. Bulletin)
  10. June 4  
    • "If It Pleases the Class" - A humorous look at the dos and don'ts of teaching.

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