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Educational Enhancement

Guiding Principles for Educational Activities at UTCVM

(adopted by the faculty in March, 1996)

  • Our teaching program involves a collective commitment to the philosophy that "Veterinary Medical Education is Job One at UTCVM". 

  • It is important that we encourage students to assume more responsibility for their own education. 

  • It is important that we reinforce in our students their own native curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. This will enhance their abilities to become effective "life-long learners". 

  • We must attempt to integrate basic and applied information across disciplines. This should start very early in the curriculum and should emphasize a college-wide, rather than departmental, approach to teaching. 

  • Our curriculum will be strengthened by increasing utilization of problems or clinical situations in which students both acquire and apply new information. 

  • We must strive to recognize student diversity in backgrounds, learning styles, and professional goals by providing increased flexibility in our educational program. 

  • Our entire curriculum should strive to promote professional behavior and attitudes, provide guidance on ethical issues, and develop more effective written and oral communication skills on the part of our students. 

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