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Educational Enhancement

Updates - Spring 2006

Spring Semester has been a busy one for Educational Enhancement. Our major initiative was Professionalism Week, which grew from a simple goal to stimulate dialogue on professional behavior to a series of events for faculty, staff and students. The activities were well attended and triggered discussion among a variety of groups. The feedback from discussion sessions is being assimilated into a report that will be made available to the college this semester. We hope that comments and themes identified will generate new ideas for promoting professional behavior in our College community. Additional information is posted at

Another goal has been ongoing development of the students’ learning experience in Application Based Learning Exercises (ABLE). These problem-based learning courses provide an opportunity for students to work through complex clinical or population scenarios in self-directed, small group settings. This year, the ABLE coordinators, along with Drs. Elizabeth Strand and John Henton, have been working to maximize these learning exercises by building new cases and by placing added emphasis on ethical, economic and client communication issues. The ABLE and Clinical Exposure experiences have proven to be ideal opportunities for students to observe, build and practice many of the “nontechnical” competencies that are so important for career success.

The Office of Educational Enhancement also is committed to supporting individual teaching and course development. Please feel free to contact me for help with lecture or course development, research ideas, or for help in identifying specific educational resources. Some resources can be found on the EE web site (, including the course syllabus template, information for reviewing teaching evaluations and reviewing courses, a course report template, handouts from teaching and learning seminars, and information on internal and external programs. We hope to keep building this site with materials useful to teaching.

UTCVM is fortunate to have maintained a commitment to “teaching as job number one” for over thirty years now, and has recruited and retained excellent teachers. This year, it has been especially exciting to see faculty members and course coordinators taking advantage of the seminar series and course review process to think about ongoing development of courses and teaching practices. We are unique in the support provided for an Office like this one, which has been allowed to grow to meet the needs of the faculty and students. Please contact me or any of the Committee members if you have ideas for additional activities.

Dr. Lane, Director 

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