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Exotics Symposium 2014 - Registration Information

Registration has closed

Registration fee is $85 which includes:

  • two breakfasts/breakfast items
  • two ‘box’ lunches
  • access to all lectures
  • bag of goodies

No refunds.
No late registrations.

Food preferences will be chosen during registration. We will do our best to meet your dietary needs.

T-shirts are available for pre-order for $12.

  • Available in sizes S-XXL.
  • See picture for shirt design.

Wet labs* are an additional cost (all labs sold out):

*Availability is limited.

Registration will be all online (through PayPal) and will not be complete until we receive your money. . Be advised that you will first register and pay the symposium fee, THEN be redirected back to this website to register for wet labs/buy a T-shirt as a SEPARATE transaction. We will also not be able to reserve your spot in any wet labs until we have received your payment; all wet labs are first come first served. If a wet lab is still open on the days of Symposium, you will be able to register for it at Check-In. Check or cash.

If you want to be considered as an alternate for a wet lab once it fills up, please email An alternate list of up to 3 people will be kept. If you are notified of an opening, please bring a check/cash for the appropriate amount with you to Check-In.

Any questions or concerns can be made to

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