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Exotics Symposium 2016 - Wet Labs

Confirmed Wet Labs:

  • Darting/Wildlife Immobilization
  • Tiger Haven Trip
  • Exotic Radiology
  • Reptile Handling
  • Avian Triage
  • More TBA

Previous Exotics Symposium 2014 - Wet Labs

Ready for some exciting Wet Labs?

This year will feature wet labs such as:

Tiger Haven Tour - (** FULL - NO SEATS AVAILABLE**)

  • Follow Dr. Schumacher, one of UT's zoo vets, on a tour of Tiger Haven, home to over 280 exotic felines including tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, servals, caracals, and bobcats. Dr. Schumacher will share stories about this amazing place, its relationship with UT, and the wonderful animals that live there. Participants should meet Dr. Schumacher and the van in front of the brick foyer at 8:45am. The vans will be leaving at 9am on Saturday & Sunday, and arriving back at 12pm. This lab has very limited space, so sign up early!
  • 2 Tours
  • Attendance Limit: 10 per tour

Knoxville Zoo Tour - (** FULL - NO SEATS **)

  • Dr. Ramsey, one of UTs zoo vets, will lead a guided, behind-the-scenes tour through the Knoxville Zoo. Meet in the brick foyer at 12:45 pm on Saturday. The vans will be departing at 1:00pm and returning at 3:00pm.
  • Attendance Limit: 20

'Dry' Wildlife Darting Lab - (** FULL - NO SEATS AVAILABLE**)

  • Our immobilization lab will be led by Dr. Sadler and Dr. Ramsay. Students will learn the concepts of delivering medications via a darting system. Included will be education on multiple means of delivering the darts (blowgun, dart gun) and the appropriate scenarios for each. Also, the lab will include a practical session where students are given the opportunity to practice their darting skills at unsuspecting hay bales. This lab will be held twice from 1PM 3PM and again from 3PM 5PM on Saturday, January 11th. Students should meet at the registration desk in the brick foyer at the designated start time.
  • Additional Requirements: closed-toed shoes.
  • 2 Sessions
  • Attendance Limit: 10 per session

Camelid Handling and Procedures - (** FULL - NO SEATS AVAILABLE**)

  • Dr. VanAmstel, a large animal clinician, will lead a lab which will include instruction on general restraint; FAMACHA scoring, body condition scoring, demonstration of hoof and teeth trimming, and other practical skills on South American Camelids. This lab will be held Saturday from 3-5pm, in the farm animal area. Please meet at the registration table at 10 min prior to the lab, and staff will lead you down to the area.
  • Additional Requirements: Wear closed-toed shoes, & something you dont mind getting dirty.
  • Attendance Limit: 12

Avian Clinical Necropsy - (** FULL - NO SEATS AVAILABLE **)

  • On Saturday from 10am-12pm, Dr. Michele Nobrega-Lee will present a brief lecture where the necropsy procedure will be explained, as well as some basic pathologies found in avian species. On the necropsy floor, students will be provided with avian cadavers to dissect as Dr. Nobrega-Lee shares with them tips and tricks about common diagnoses. Students will be expected to help clean up after the lab.
  • Additional Requirements: Please bring scrubs or coveralls and be prepared to change after the lab. Please also bring rubber boots. Dissection instruments will be provided.
  • Attendance Limit: 20

Herpetology Necropsy - (** FULL - NO SEATS AVAILABLE **)

  • Led by Dr. Deb Miller, a leading expert on amphibians and reptiles, students will perform necropsies on a reptile and/or amphibian, inspect the animal for signs of disease, and learn how to sample for common ailments. The purpose of this wet lab is to provide participants the opportunity to necropsy an amphibian & reptile and compare organs among species and other classes. Information about what diseases may be found in herpetofauna, what gross lesions to expect, and what corresponding histological changes might be seen, will be discussed. We will also discuss the role of disease in population declines. The lab will be held on the Necropsy Floor, on Sunday from 9-12, with mandatory amphibian lecture preceding the lab.
  • Additional Requirements: Students must attend the lecture at 8:00 am prior to the lab. Please bring scrubs or coveralls and be prepared to change after the lab. Please also bring rubber boots. Dissection instruments will be provided.
  • Attendance Limit: 20

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