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The University of Tennessee, founded in 1794, is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. The College of Veterinary Medicine, established in 1974, is located in Knoxville on the University's Agricultural Campus along the Tennessee River. The modern Clyde M. York Veterinary Medicine Building houses teaching and research facilities, the Veterinary Medical Center, and the Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine Library.. Learn More About the College

Admissions Procedure

Each year, the University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine admits approximately 85 applicants to the four-year program for the doctorate in veterinary medicine. Students prepare for the professional veterinary curriculum by taking three to four years of pre-veterinary course requirements as undergraduates.. Learn How to Apply

Graduate Programs

The Comparative and Experimental Medicine (CEM) degree program (MS and PhD) is a jointly administered graduate program intended to prepare students for teaching and/or research careers in the health sciences.. Learn How to Apply


Faculty, staff, and students in the College of Veterinary Medicine contribute to the process of discovery through a wide range of basic and translational interests that impact not only veterinary medicine but also the biomedical sciences in general as well as the public health needs of the state and nation.. Learn More About Our Research

Veterinary Summer Experience

The Veterinary Summer Experience for Tennessee High School Students seeks to provide worthwhile opportunities for students interested in veterinary medicine while simultaneously generating a pool of potential veterinary students. Students will be involved in various educational programs including lectures, laboratories, and clinical rotations..
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Academic Departments

The College of Veterinary Medicine is divided into four academic departments:

Student Resources

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