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  Knoxville, TN 37996-4550    

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College of Veterinary Medicine


University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Gift Funds  Please check the name(s) of the fund(s) you wish to support:



 Emma's Fund for Endocrine

 Amigo's Legacy of Hope

      (area of greatest need)


Small Animal

College-wide Funds

 Comparative Medicine Research

Clinical Sciences Funds

 General Scholarship


 Companion Animal

 Faculty Development

      Anatomic Pathobiology

 Avian Medicine

 Student Emergency Aid

 Pathobiology Research

 Wild Animal Medical Treatment

 Agriculture and Veterinary

 Biomedical Sciences Staff

 Small Animal Research

      Medicine Library


 Small Animal Faculty Devel.

 International Students Support

 Biomedical Sciences Faculty

 Oncology Research

 Vet. Med. Assistance


 Radiation Oncology

 Education Program Enhancement

Large Animal

 ASLAN Intensive Care Unit

 Staff Development

Clinical Sciences Funds

 Dr. T.J. Lafeber Companion Bird

 Diversity Program

 Large Animal Hospital Expansion

 Emergency and Critical Care

 Abby Gibson Vet. Med.

 Equine Surgical Suite Renovation

 Physical Therapy


 Rescued Animal Fund

 Angel Fund for Research and

 Dr. John & Cathy Henton

 Food Animal Research

      Treatment of Congenital


 Advancing Equine Health

      Portosystemic Shunts (Dogs)

Public Health and Outreach

      (TN Equine Vet. Research Org.)

 Fancy Fund (Collapsing Trachea)

 HABIT (Human-Animal

 CEVR (Ctr. For Equine Vet.

      Research and Treatment

      Bond in Tennessee)

      Research - laminitis)

      (small breed dogs)

 HALT (Human


 Small Animal/Exotic

      & Animal Learning Together)

      (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

      Assisted Care

 Dog Bite Prevention

 Southeastern and Tennessee

 Exotic and Zoological Animals

 CAIT (Companion

      Alpaca/Llama Research

 Small Animal Staff Development

      Animal Initiative of TN)

 Equine Exercise Physiology

 Small Animal/Exotic Good

 Veterinary Social Work Services



 Dr. N. Paul Nolen II / SAVE

      (Ctr. for Mgt. of Animal Pain)

 Rescued Animal Assistance

      (Suicide Awareness

 Farm Animal Assistance


      in Veterinary Education)

 Farm Animal Discretionary Fund


Biomedical Sciences and

 Large Animal Faculty Devel.


Diagnostic Services Funds

 Large Animal Staff Devel.

 Small Animal Residents Travel

 Animal Science Vet. Medicine

 Large Animal Research

 Small Animal Interns


 Equine Rehabilitation Certification

      Professional Development Fund

Memorial Gift


A Person

A Pet

In remembrance of:


Honor Gift


A Person

A Pet

In honor of:



Please notify the following individual(s) that the above memorial or honor gift has been received:







Date (mm/dd/yy): 



Contributor(s) Name








Date (mm/dd/yy): 



Enclosed is my gift amount of:











Please make checks payable to UT College of Veterinary Medicine and mail to:
    UTCVM Development Office
    2407 River Drive, A301
    Knoxville, TN 37996-4550
    ATTN: Dr. Claire Eldridge

Credit Card Information:


 Master Card   

 Discover Card   

  Name as appears on card:                                                                     

                     Account No.:                                                                     

   Expiration Date (MM/YY):                                                                     

                Mailing Address:                                                                     


           Daytime Phone No.:                                                                     



My employer will match this gift:

Name of employer:                                                                                                                                                   

 Matching Gift Fund Form, completed, enclosed:                                                                                                       


Please contact me regarding the following:


 Planned Giving

 Gift Annuities

 Charitable Trusts

 Real Estate


 Creating an Endowment



Thank you for supporting the
College of Veterinary Medicine!


UTCVM Development Office
2407 River Drive, A301
Knoxville, TN 37996-4550
fax: 865.946.1826  email:



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