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UTCVM Medical Center's Wish List for Giving

December 13, 2011

As our patient caseload continues to grow and new advances in medical treatment come online, so does the need to insure that UT’s Veterinary Medical Center provides the latest in patient diagnostics and care. Each year, the VMC purchases new equipment for our small animal, avian and exotics, equine and farm animal hospitals, but hospital income seldom stretches to cover all of the necessary equipment improvements.

This is why we are sharing our WISH LIST with the public. There are numerous items with widely varying prices needed to serve our animal patients. Sometimes, satisfied clients or other friends of the veterinary medical center elect to make a gift toward the purchase of a substantial piece of equipment that will benefit many animal patients. Naming opportunities are available to donors who would like to cover the entire purchase cost of a major piece of equipment. Please contact Blake Hudson, UTCVM Development Office at or (865)974-6477 for more information.

Please review the listing below to see if there is something special with which you would like to help us.

Small Animal and Avian and Exotics Hospitals

Anesthesia and ICU: Hot Dog warming systems (5) $  6,100
  Syringe pumps (4 units) 3,800
  Bair Huggers (4) small and medium underbody blankets 6,000
  Flat panel model for prep area 700
  IV fluid warmer (2) 1,600
  BIS monitor using EEG technology 2,500
Ophthalmology: Tonopens (2) 6,000
  Kowa SL 15 slit lamp (2) 8,500
  Retinal camera 1,000
Cardiology: C-arm for cardio intervention 250,000
  Intervention supplies 100,000
Radiation Oncology: IMRT software for linear accelerator 100,000
Radiology: Ultrasound machines (2) 500,000
  Large animal Elkins plates 175,000
  Complete second ultrasound room 10,000
  Add a 3rd reading station 4,000
Optical imaging (oncology) for patient-centered studies:
  Tricam SL II Camera Control Unit and integrated 6,800
      digital image processing  
  D Light System, 175 watt xenon, cold light fountain 16,000
      for photodynamic examination  
  Tricam PDD, three chip camera head, color system 17,000
      NTSC with integrated parfocal zoom lens  
      for photodynamic early diagnosis  
  PDD Components – barrier filter and fluorescence filter 4,700
  Image-Pro Plus software 5,350
  Fluorescence microscope 21,400
Surgery: New digital camera 2,000
  PCs including mounting/port activation (5) 8,500
Avian and Exotics: Bronchoscope 8,000
  Anesthesia monitor (ETCO2) 2,500
  Ventilator 2,500
  Pulse oximeter 2,000
  Dental scaler  
Clinic: Dopplers (5) 5,000
  Exam room computers (15) including mounting and 25,500
      port activation  
Teaching equipment: LCD projector 2,500
  New rounds room: 9 computer stations including 22,000
      instructor’s station connected to large flat-screen  
      wall-mounted monitors  
  End tidal CO2 monitor 1,500
  Processor 1,500

Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals

Custom large animal MRI table   $ 29,600
    (with Goodyear Air Spring system; rated for 2,500 lbs.; and 1 flat head extension)    
Anesthesia machine for our MRI service   29,500

Hospital Diagnostic Services

Tissue processor and automatic staining (for time-sensitive biopsies!)                  $ 97,000
    Tissue processor ($46,000)     
    Automatic stainer ($51,000)     
Multi-headed teaching microscope (Pathology labs)    50,000
Microscopes (numerous)    6,000 each

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