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Graduate Programs » Joint Graduate Coordinating Committee

Joint Graduate Coordinating Committee

The Joint Graduate Coordinating Committee administers the Comparative and Experimental Medicine Graduate Program.

The JGCC has the following charges:

  1. Advise the program director on the composition of all doctoral and masters committees. The director of the Joint Graduate Coordinating Committee nominates doctoral committees for approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  2. Develop and coordinate the curriculum for the graduate program in consultation with the designated faculty of the program.
  3. Recommend admission of applicants.
  4. Ensure that appropriate guidelines are in place, approved, and implemented.
  5. Be responsible for ensuring that the policies and regulations of the UT Graduate School are fulfilled by all participants in the program.
  6. Be responsible for coordination of activities relevant to academic honesty and/or grievances.
  7. Recommend the appointment of faculty members to the program.

Joint Graduate Coordinating Committee Members:

  • Dr. Stephen Kania (chair)
  • Dr. Michael F. McEntee
  • Dr. Karla Matteson
  • Dr. James E Lawler
  • Dr. Jonathan Wall

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