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To determine an animal's presence, sprinkle flour, talcum powder, or ashes by entry hole and check for paw prints. To discourage animals from returning, spray ammonia into area; tie ammonia-soaked rags to stick or broom handle and place in hole. Repeat for 2-3 days.

  • SNAKES- spray ammonia around hole. Fill in holes.

  • SONGBIRDS- For a trapped bird, leave a window or door open for several hours. Or use a large sheet to throw over bird and release outdoors. To discourage nesting on buildings, eliminate cavities with nylon netting or mesh. For birds hitting windows, suspend decals or strips of cloth on outside of glass.

  • SQUIRRELS- Find the entry hole. Hang a bright light, and play loud music. Use ammonia. For an animal trapped in house, leave window or door open, barricading other openings. If squirrel is in the chimney, lower a rope and the animal will climb up. Cap chimney.

  • OPOSSUMS & SKUNKS- Fill in hole or use ammonia procedure.

  • RABBITS- Fence in garden with small mesh fencing.

  • RACCOONS- When absent, repair hole or cap chimney. Do not start a fire to chase out of chimney. Use ammonia procedure before closing holes. To discourage nesting, use ammonia or place bright light or radio outside hole for 3-5 days.

  • BATS- Cover holes after bats leave during evening.

Source: Wildcare of Woodbridge, Ontario. To contact Wildcare, call (905) 832-6957.

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