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Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a media-rich educational environment requiring the support of professionals in the areas of computer operations, graphic illustration, photography, medical illustration, videography and web production.

The mission of Instructional Resources is to facilitate the use of traditional and technology-based instructional resources to help fulfill the educational mission of The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Instructional Resources provides a team of creative professionals that serve as a single point of access for instructors who integrate a variety of resources into the teaching and learning environment. Instructional Resources collaborates with other university media services to provide an environment for consultation, design, development, and delivery of instructional materials.

We seek to create a "can do" climate by exploring and using new technologies such as digital imaging, multimedia presentations, UTCVM world wide web server, video conferencing and other more traditional methods of communication. We provide the faculty with a variety of options to fit individual preferences and needs.

The main office for IR is located in A126 in the Veterinary Medical Center. If you need more information about Instructional Resources, please feel free to contact Dr. James Brace at (865) 974-7263 or

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