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Precautions Against West Nile Virus

November 1, 2001


  • Drain standing water and unblock drainage ditches.
  • Empty, scrub and refill water troughs often.
  • Remove debris that holds water, especially tires.
  • Treat small ponds with mosquito larvacide.
  • Stock larger ponds with larva-eating fish.
  • Spray insecticide in areas surrounding barns.


  • Empty unused water buckets.
  • Install electronic bug zappers or mosquito traps.
  • Cover windows and doors with fine mesh.
  • Install foggers containing chemical or natural insecticide.
  • Use fans to produce air turbulence to block mosquitoes' flight.


  • Vaccinate horses against West Nile virus.
  • Keep horses inside during peak mosquito feeding times - dusk and dawn.
  • Spray horses with repellent, or use repellent collars or halter tags.
  • Cover horses with fly sheets prayed with repellent.
  • Top-dress feed with granulated garlic and brewers' yeast as a natural mosquito repellent.

Sandra Harbison
Media Relations
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