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A Member of our Nutrition Team

We want to introduce you to our team of Licensed Veterinary Medical Technicians--one person at a time. On a regular basis and in random order, we will post a brief biography and photo of one of our team members.   

                                                                                                                              Ashley Cox, licensed veterinary medical technician at UTCVM

(October 28, 2013  Knoxville, TN) -- Ashley Cox has been at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine just over two years. After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from Kentucky's Murray State University in 2012, she completed a ten-month veterinary technician internship with the veterinary nutrition service at UTCVM and joined the service full-time in April of this year.

Ashley enjoys being able to work with owners who struggle with the challenge of their pets' weight loss. "I feel helping the pet and owner achieve an ideal weight and activity level relieves a lot of stress from the owner and really brings the pet 'back to life.' It is very motivating to watch the pet's energy level change and the owner's confidence in our nutrition service grow as the weight drops."

Ashley also enjoys working with clients on homemade diets. "It's a great way to help manage multiple disease processes that may be occurring at the same time that a commercial diet may not be able to address. It's also a satisfying feeling when our nutrition service can help pets that are uninterested in eating start to love food again."

Ashley has three dogs (all adopted or rescued): Jezi, an eight-year old Sheppard mix; Little Girl, a four-year old pit bull mix; and Sable, a five-year old pit bull.

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