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Bovine Trichomoniasis Confirmed in Tennessee

(January 2014)-- State animal health officials confirmed two cases of Bovine Trichomoniasis in bulls in Tennessee in late December following initial positive findings by the University of Tennessee Diagnostic Laboratory Services.  An epidemiological investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of the disease in the state. Click here for the state veterinarian's open letter to Tennessee Livestock Stakeholders. 

Bovine Trichomoniasis, commonly  referred to as "Trich," is a venereal disease caused by the protozoan Tritrichomonas foetus. Click here for a fact sheet on the disease including ways to prevent it. 

In a video on the UT Veterinary Educational TV  (UTVETV) YouTube channel, Dr. David Anderson, head of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at UT College of Veterinary Medicine, discusses Trich with Dr. Brian Whitlock, board-certified theriogenologist at the veterinary college. The video was produced prior to confirmation of the disease in Tennessee.

The state veterinarian's office will post additional information as it becomes available.



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