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Have you hugged your veterinary assistant today?


(Knoxville, TN. April 26, 2013) -- The University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center celebrated its Veterinary Assistants Friday, April 26 with Veterinary Assistant Appreciation Day.

Janet Jones says, "Throughout the year there are appreciation days or weeks for administrative staff, veterinary technicians and faculty, so we wanted a special day to recognize our veterinary assistants for their dedication to our patients."

Why do we do it?  Jeannie Bormet says, "We do it to show our appreciation for everything they do (sometimes not so glamorous).  They are an important part of the veterinary team and we could not do our jobs without them." 

What do our Veterinary Assistants mean to our hospital?  Stephanie Denton says, "Veterinary Assistants are trusted members of our pet health care team.  They are involved in the day to day care of the animals and they allow the clinicians, veterinary technicians, veterinarians and students to accomplish all of the tasks that they have to do in an efficient manner."

Jessie Foley says, "We value our veterinary assistants for keeping us organized and providing excellent care to not only our patients but our clients. The services run smoothly because of them and without them, there would be a missing link!"

Rebecca Haynes says veterinary assistants are the behind-the-scenes reason our hospital runs so smoothly. She added several reasons we appreciate them: 

  • They help keep students, technicians, and faculty from getting bitten and scratched while doing physical exams.
  • They clean any and all areas of the hospital that house animals. This includes mopping, cleaning cages, cleaning runs, wiping counters, washing dishes, taking out trash, and laundry just to name a few.
  • They greet clients who are dropping off their animals for check-ups, treatments, or boarding, and provide emotional support to those who are worried about leaving their animals in someone else's care.
  • They order and stock medical supplies in treatment rooms and exam rooms.  Without the assistants, it might be tough to find supplies. It's not's the vet assistant fairies.
  • They unload, sort, and stock giant pallets of food and supplies on almost a daily basis. 

This isn't all they do, but it's a good start.  So hug your veterinary assistant today!








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