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Join Mabel the Dog on her Weight Loss Journey

September 4, 2012-- Mabel is down to 32 pounds and has added swimming laps in our therapy pool to her exercise regime. And is there love in the air?Click here for WBIR's John Martin's story.

July 16, 2012-- You like her. You really like her.  More than 1,700 people "like" Mabel's Facebook page.  She has fans from Slovakia, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Germany, and many other countries! Her page is filled with words of encouragement from friends!  Click here to watch a story from Memphis reporter Janice Broach at NBC affiliate WMC.  The story has aired internationally!

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(Knoxville, TN. January 2012) --


Meet Mabel. Just before Christmas 2011, her owners surrendered her to Young Williams Animal Center because she was too large for them to care for her. The beagle-mix weighed in at a whooping 67 pounds. The vet at YWAC arranged for Mabel to visit the nutrition and physical therapy services at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. Mabel was the most obese dog the veterinary nutritionists had ever seen! Dr. Angela Witzel fell in love with Mabel and adopted her.

With diet and exercise, Dr. Witzel hopes to help Mabel hit her target weight of 23 pounds in a few months--and maybe become her running buddy!  As of mid-January, Mabel has lost 15% of her body weight!

WBIR's John Martin featured Mabel in a story and plans to check in with her throughout her journey. If you'd like to follow Mabel's story from HER point of view, join others and "like" her on Facebook.




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