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Liam's Passion

(Knoxville, TN. April 23, 2013)--


Liam's passion in life is chasing his green ball, bringing it back to owners Matt Griffin and Raymie Wolfe as fast as possible and then refusing to drop it. His second passion? Tearing the stuffing and squeakers out of toys.

Liam is a well-traveled dog! Matt adopted Liam from a rescue in Iowa City, IA who had adopted him from a shelter in Illinois. And now he and his people are on a different journey.

Liam's primary care veterinarian diagnosed him with lymphoma over a year ago and referred the gorgeous 7 year old redhead to the board-certified oncologists at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center where hes been receiving chemotherapy treatment since February 2012.

Raymie says Liam's cancer treatment isn't what he had expected. "We expected that he would suffer from chemotherapy-lose hair, feel sick and have a lower quality of life." Raymie says the opposite has been true on every count: Liam has been healthy and happy, just like always.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care and love ya'll are giving Liam! We feel really lucky for every day we get with him."




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