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Little Brown Dog Updates

December 18, 2009:  Just a quick update on Little Brown Dog--she's doing great. She's not your average dog and has figured out how to open a baby gate. On days she doesn't feel like taking the time to open the gate properly, she just leaps over it looking back to ensure her paws don't  hit the top of it (Wonder Woman style!) To everyone, thank you for your well wishes.

December 11, 2009: Little Brown Dog is bandage free and lovin' it! She happily rolls over on her back for a tummy rub and sports a bright pink collar with "Brown" on it. She got all her vaccinations today, and while she wasn't overjoyed by getting shots, the treats helped take her mind off the situation. Dr. Sura said in the evening, LBD favors her right front paw after being on her feet. It could be her pad is rebuilding its cushion but there is nothing medicine or surgery can do to cure it at this Dr. Sura says, "Hopefully, the tincture of time will heal her pad."  Many of you have asked about her adoption. Currently, LBD is being fostered by one of our doctors, and she will make her forever home with one of our clinicians. She has become really attached to 3 or 4 people here--perking up the minute one of them walks into the room. She feels comfortable and familiar with them. Since she will be part of the UTCVM family, feel free to email anytime asking about her.  Please remember there are many,  many little brown dogs (and lots of other colors and sizes, too) at your local humane society or animal shelter who need a loving forever home.

December 7, 2009: (P.M.) It's official. Dr. Sura is pleased the way Little Brown Dog's skin grafts look! She still has one bandage on her paw to cover a small open wound. Although she's no longer on strict cage rest, LBD is taking it easy this afternoon following her early morning spay. All in all, a good day!

December 7, 2009: Little Brown Dog is down to one, yes, ONE bandage! Dr. Sura will spay her during her bandage change today. We'll know more about the skin graft later this afternoon.

December 1, 2009: Little Brown Dog's skin grafts are healing on track. During her bandage change today, Dr. Sura needed to clean around the edges of the grafts. LBD remains on strict cage rest OR strict "Sura office" rest where she snuggles on her bed with her gorgeous green blanket (an anonymous gift) and chases rabbits in her sleep. Once she is healed, LBD will be spayed. Dr. Sura hopes to change bandages again later this week.

November 30, 2009: Dr. Sura plans to change Little Brown Dog's bandages tomorrow-- she got the casts off over the weekend! While Little Brown Dog remains on strict cage rest, she continues to keep up with all the events going on around her.

November 25, 2009: Little Brown Dog has gone from four to three bandages on her paws! Last week she was able to lose the muscle tee that protected her chest. During this morning's bandage change, Dr. Sura said LBD's pads look great, and the skin grafts still look good, but she won't know for a few more days if they are viable. The docs call LBD a healing machine and say she hasn't looked back since coming to the veterinary hospital. When it comes to skin grafts, Dr. Sura says if they live, they will heal within two weeks. Life is a little tough for LBD because she wants to run around the hospital. Following the bandage change, Dr. Sura placed little casts on LBD's back legs to keep her joints from moving--if the joints move, the grafts can't heal. Fortunately, LBD loves to be snuggled in a lap. LBD will spend the holidays with some of her doctors, no doubt being spoiled rotten, although Dr. Sura argues LBD isnt rotten, "She's perfect."

November 24, 2009: Little Brown Dog is sitting up and keeping an eye on everything going on around her.  Dr. Sura plans to change her bandages tomorrow and will see if the skin grafts are taking.

November 23, 2009:  Dr. Sura changed Little Brown Dog's bandages Saturday morning and again this morning. She said everything looks good but won't know for several days if the grafts are viable.  It is still very important to limit LBD's movement as much as possible. 

November 20, 2009:  Just a quick note, Little Brown Dog had a restful night and is keeping an eye on every thing in ICU this morning.

November 19, 2009: 4:30 p.m.  Since Little Brown Dog had no more exposed bone, the doctors were able to perform two skin grafts on her back paws. She is out of surgery, and the doctors are pleased with the skin grafts. LBD has a custom splint on each of her back feet. It is extremely important to keep her movement limited to give the skin grafts an opportunity to take. LBD will remain quiet in the ICU for the next 24-48 hours with brief stints napping in Dr. Sura's office.  She's "Pretty in Pink" in her bandages which will most likely be changed Saturday. We will post additional information early next week.

November 19, 2009:  12:10 p.m.  Dr. Sura is cleaning and suturing some of the wounds on Little Brown Dog.  While Dr. Sura is thrilled with the way the pads are healing, she has placed a splint on one of the front paws to protect part of the pad that is still exposed. When all her wounds have been cleaned, LBD will go into the operating room where she will receive two skin grafts on her two back paws.  We are hoping she will be out of surgery around 2 p.m. and will post an update.

November 19, 2009: Later this morning, Dr. Sura will change Little Brown Dog's bandages and evaluate her wounds. We will post information as it becomes available. 

November 16, 2009: Drs Sura and Hodshon changed Little Brown Dog's bandages this morning. Dr. Sura expects LBD will be ready for skin grafts later this week.

November 14, 2009: Little Brown Dog had a good night at her foster home Friday. She enjoyed her donated therapeutic bed. Not only was she comfortable throughout the weekend and eating well, LBD also enjoyed rolling on her back in the leaves. Later she napped in the sun while her foster mom read a book next to her.

November 13, 2009: Little Brown Dog had a comfortable, uneventful ride to her weekend foster home. She was able to use the "outside facilities" after asking to go out, and then she fell asleep on her bed, snuggled in blankets. LBD will be back at the UT veterinary hospital early next week so she can change out of her Care Bear outfit. Wonder what the students will choose next? Check back Monday.  

November 13, 2009: Little Brown Dog continues to heal and won't need another bandage change until Monday. Dr. Sura is hoping she will be ready for a skin graft next week. Yep, the "I" word (infection) remains a concern. On a great note, she rolled over today to have her belly scratched! On an even greater note, LBD is also going to be fostered over the weekend by one of our very capable doctors!  As someone put it, Little Brown Dog rocks!

November 12, 2009: Dr. Sura has been able to taper the amount of analgesics (pain medication) for Little Brown Dog (LBD), and her personality is really lighting up ICU. She is able to stand on her own and has been outside for short periods of time. LBD has also been wagging her tail.  Dr. Sura determined the bandages did not need to be changed today. LBD is sporting a "Slice of Watermelon" outfit created by the veterinary students. Photos will be posted soon. Risk of infection remains a concern.

November 11, 2009:  Little Brown Dog remains in serious condition in ICU. Her spirit continues to be great, and her wounds continue to heal. While Dr. Sura hopes she can prepare the bigger wounds for grafting in the next week or so, the risk of infection remains a concern.

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