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Meet a Member of our Team: Sabrina Klepper

We want to introduce you to our team of Licensed Veterinary Medical Technicians--one person at a time. On a regular basis and in random order, we will post a brief biography and photo of one of our team members.   

          Sabrina Klepper, a licensed veterinary medical technician at the university of tennessee veterinary medical center in knoxville, poses with maggie the dog


(Knoxville, TN.  March 25, 2014)  Meet Sabrina Klepper, LVMT. Sabrina has been at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM) for almost ten years. She began her career at UT as a veterinary assistant before earning her veterinary medical technician degree from St. Petersburg, Florida. She wanted to become a veterinary technician so she could be an advocate for the best patient care possible and work to strengthen the human-animal bond.  In addition to working to obtain Senior Veterinary Technician Level 1, Sabrina is also pursuing a Technician Specialty in Clinical Practice (Canine/Feline).


Sabrina is the licensed veterinary medical technician in Community Practice, one of the required rotations each UTCVM fourth year student must complete before graduating. "Community practice focuses on preventative medicine," says Sabrina. "Our goal is to arm the client with as much information as possible regarding vaccines, parasites, dental care and micro-chipping." One of her missions in life is to encourage feline friendly handling techniques that reduce stress for the patient during a visit to the veterinarian.


In addition to client education, Sabrina enjoys watching the patients mature, "I feel fortunate to be able to watch pets grow from an early age throughout adulthood."


Sabrina has two dogs, Maggie and Cash.


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