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Meet a Member of our Veterinary Team: Gina Galyon

We want to introduce you to our team of Licensed Veterinary Medical Technicians one person at a time. On a regular basis and in random order, we will post a brief biography and photo of one of our team members.   

(November 25, 2013)-- Gina Galyon, BS, LATg, LVMT, has been at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine since 1990. During that time she has served the college and UT Veterinary Medical Center in various capacities: research assistant in parasitology, veterinary assistant in large and small animal medicine, small animal veterinary assistant supervisor, facility manager for small animal, and licensed veterinary technician. Currently, Gina coordinates imaging studies and other clinical trials for the veterinary medical center's oncology service.

Gina Galyon, licensed veterinary technician at University of Tennessee College of Veterinary MedicineGina received a Bachelor of Science from UT before earning a certificate as a laboratory animal technologist. She later received an Associate of Science in veterinary technology from St. Petersburg College.

When she was a child, Gina wanted to work with animals so she planned to be a veterinarian. That was until she learned there are official animal nurses or veterinary technicians. Gina says becoming a licensed veterinary technician is one of the best moves she has ever made. She adds, "While I know I may never get rich as a technician, my purpose in life feels more fulfilled than anything I have ever done."

According to Gina, the best part of the job is being on a team of like-minded individuals. "We are all here because of a love for animals that, for the majority of us, goes back to childhood. And selfishly, I like the feeling I get at the end of the day when I have made a difference in the life of a pet and owner. I may not always have good news regarding the pet, but pet and owner know that somebody cared for them."

Ginas family includes Titan, an 8-year-old Boxer; Flower, a 12-year-old cat (her first bottle-fed kitten); Charlotte, an 11-year-old cat; and "Any patient assigned to me is my pet for the day. I just cant help it!"



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