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(Knoxville, TN. September 26, 2011) -- September 24-October 2 marks the Tennessee Week for the Animals.  Throughout this week, we will add images of UTCVM folks and their critters.  We'll start with a group shot taken at the Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk last week.



Below: Dr. Jill Narak, our Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, with Stella. "This is Stella and me hiking by the French Broad River in the Cherokee National Forest up in the Smokies. She always get very excited when she sees me grab my pack and boots."


Below: Veterinary student Jill Wilson, her fiance and Moose. "We are new pet parents and we are loving all the joy we get from our new boy (yes, even with the barking and chewing)! What I love most about our companion animal, and others as well, is the unconditional love they give. We also love his energy most of all because he gets us off the couch! Moose was named to remind us of Alaska and the time we've spent there and because clumsy Moose are everywhere! And our Moose is just as clumsy!"


Below: CEM graduate student Nichelle Whitlock. "In the picture is Korri Jones, Merle (my baby girl!) and me. We rescued Merle from Young Williams in April; from the time we brought her home, she's brought us nothing but joy and happiness (and the occasional headache). She's my constant companion (and I do mean constant, she won't let me out of her sight) and is an excellent listener (she looks attentively, tilts her head to the side, and doesn't say a single word!). She's a wonderful puppy, she's my baby girl.


Below: UTCVM Associate Dean, Dr. Bob DeNovo with his human and furry family. All three dogs are rescues: Cosmo, Sydney, Juneau. "There has never been a time in my life when I did not have a dog, and I remember all of them. They have provided constant companionship, always listened intently, and never talked back. From them, I have learned the value of compassion and the power of a kind word. My dogs are my best and most trusted pals.


Below: Dr. Melissa Kennedy's sweetheart. According to Kennedy, "Don't let looks deceive you--she is a little devil, will destroy anything from clothes to carpet,chairs to chew toys, TV remotes, papers (important or trash--makes no difference) and books. But she's funny, and makes me laugh, and she keeps things lively amongst a clan that are pretty sedentary and calm. All my dogs are like the air I breathe..."



Below: Karen McLucas, our licensed veterinary technician on our neurology service, is kissing "daughter" Beverly who is perched in husband Jay's arms. "We don't have kids, so of course our dogs mean everything to us. We have two sons and two daughters! Our life truly would not be complete without them in our lives!"


Below: Veterinary student Lesley Moser with Roxy. "She's the best. All she wants to do is make me happy; we can study or play outside--it doesn't matter to her as long as she is with me."


Below: Veterinary student Allison Mueller and her husband adopted Beau (Redbone Coonhound) and Sadie (Beagle/Treeling Walker mix) two years ago. "They have kept us laughing with their antics both together and apart. My husband is in the Navy and the long distance can become difficult with me bing in school. Sadie and Beau help alleviate some of the loneliness for my husband and me, and Sadie is always happy to see me and ready to greet me when I get home in Knoxville--the same goes for Beau and my husband in NH! I can't imagine life without the pups!"


Below: Misty Bailey, science editor at UTCVM, with Zeke. "Zeke makes mornings bearable by stretching his front paws toward me and waiting for his ritual rub-down. Seeing his tail wag every morning makes this night owl smile, even at 6 am."                    


Below: Veterinary student Faith Cogswell talks about her furry family. In this photo, Kenai, their Gentle Giant, and sons Scanlin and Dryden. "Our dogs lighten our mood, give us unconditional love, and add texture to our also...and they give us someone to blame bad smells on--which is very handy in a house with 3 boys!"


Cogswell's "Hermi, the Love Dog" throwning down on the 1s and 2s.


Below: Veterinary Student Pam Boyer shares a couple of great photos of her companions. Asked for a few words to describe what they mean to her? "Unconditional love, joy, smiles, warm hearts, trust, and loyalty."  Humans could learn a lot from them, couldn't they? Lillie, Sammie and Ella at the pool....and below that Sammie (now 4 years old) giving kisses!



Below: Whitney Myers, our Large Animal Clinica Sciences Veterinary Technician Intern for Field Services, shares a photo of her appendix QH mare, Blue. Her German Shepherd mix, Dante, is in the background of the photo. "They, along with my other horse and dogs, are my life. They mean everything to me and are my best friends."


Below: Vanessa Byrge, human resources facilitator at UTCVM, shares photos of her babies. She says not to be deceived--they are NOT little angels..and in the second photo, if she says if the little one figures out how to open that window--it's off to the races!



Below: Sandra Hill, the dean's executive assistant, is mom to Sophia Loren, Coco Chanel and Sebastian. "Here (top photo) is Sophia Loren, all tired out from playing. She is one very spoiled cat, just like the other felines in the house. She loves to carry candy wrappers (yes, we tie them in a bow for her to carry) around the house while making this strange noise that sounds more like a mouse than a cat. Of course her favorite time to do this is 2am--hence the reason she is cat napping at 3pm!"


Kitty Sebastian Hill says, "Stones, stones, no more stones! I can catnap again thanks to the amazing Dr. Bartges and his minimally invasive surgery!"


Below: Karen Armsey, our HABIT coordinator, with Maggie. "Maggie brings out my better half. Because of her, I take the time to talk to people and hear the stories that they need to share. She has taught me that it is OK to be known as 'that woman who is always with Maggie.' Maggie has also taught me that there are times that the best thing you can do for yourself is to find a quiet spot and take a nap. She has tried to teach me that it is very important to always have good hair, but that did not take."




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