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UTCVM Celebrates Ninth Tennessee Week for the Animals

(Knoxville, TN. October 14, 2013) October 12-20 is the ninth annual Tennessee Week for the Animals. Throughout the week, various animal organizations across the state host  activities to celebrate the human-animal bond.  To celebrate the week, some of our faculty, staff and students share what animals mean to them. 

Grace the Golden Retriever


Zenny Ng: Grace is the epitome of the perfect dog I have waited for my entire life.  I am so lucky to not only call her my own, but to also share her with the rest of the world as a therapy dog that brings so much joy to others.  Her cheerful smile, perpetual tail wag, and incessant nose-nudging to be loved is what lifts my spirits every day.






calico catTiffany Hunt: Iso was a stray that became a clinic cat at a private practice where I previously worked. She has brought such joy to my husband's and my life because she is so loving and funny. She is our kid that acts like a dog (wags her tail when petted) but easy to take care of like a cat.


Tex Estabrooks


 Timothy Estabrooks: My family rescued Tex several years ago through the East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue. He is a truly remarkable dog, with an insatiable curiosity, endless energy, and a very gentle spirit. He would love to be a lap dog if that was allowed! He is one of my many motivations as I work my way through vet school.


Butters the lab dogKatie Stainbrook: I was not looking for a dog when I found Butters (above) and I love him more than I ever thought I could!  He has been with me through some of the most difficult transitions of my adult life.  He is funny, boisterous and enjoys every breath he takes in a day.  He has given me so much joy and truly tested every fiber of my patience!  He is my daily reminder to enjoy every minute of the day and that a good long run can fix just about anything.

Layla the lab dog


Elizabeth Johnson: During school breaks or when I need a quick escape from school, I head home to see my sweet Labrador, Layla. She is the best hiking companion (her favorite is Max Patch) and the most intuitive dog I've come across. Since she doesn't live with me here at school, getting to see her is even more special. I'm so thankful for Layla's presence in my life!  




Oakley and Oliver Dogs


Ellie Weyant: Oakley (on the left) and Oliver (on the right) are always able to put a smile on my face.  Oakley is always there for me and is the best stress reliever a vet student could ask for. Oliver converted me into a PD lab failure and reminds me each day that some of the best things in life are not planned, but unexpected.


Rue and Binks the cats                                          

Kelly Miller: This is Rue and Binks. They keep me sane while I study for hours and are also the most loving reminder of why I am studying for all those hours.






Drama and Alice the catsMegan Mitchell: These are my girls Drama (left) and Alice (right). There are not enough words to begin to explain what these two girls mean to me. In short, they make me smile when I'm down, laugh when I don't want to, and keep me warm with cuddles when I'm cold. They also put up with my hours of studying, long days away from home, and are an every day reminder of why I'm in school. They are also pretty much perfect. What cats aren't?  

Sorrows three dogsTaylor Sorrow: Here is a picture of all of my babes together. The black and yellow labs are no longer with me but remain in my heart every day. From the left is Peach (Black), Bailey (Tri-Color), Muddy (Yellow).  Muddy and I grew up together and we have added Bailey and Peach through the years but from their sloppy kisses to wagging tails, they are always my most understanding and loyal friends. Life would have infinitely more boring without them and I feel so blessed to be loved by them every day!

popeye dog Jessica Foley: Martini (black cat) and Popeye (yellow lab) were "acquired" by me when I worked in private practice. Both were abandoned: occupational hazard, I guess! Mandy (striped cat) found us last year by showing up on our back porch. She was just a sweet kitten who had eaten a mouse, and Dr. Holford extracted a mouse MANDIBLE from her. Being a Barry Manilow fan, I thought it was appropriate to name her Mandy. The three of them complete our family. Cats 






Moose and Bear Dogs


Jill Bull: The comfort, love, happiness, and companionship that Moose and Bear provide my husband, Kevin, and I is beyond words that a single sentence could depict.


Dexter the Corgi                                                  

Lauren Piper: Meet Dexter Piper! He is a lovable corgi boy that's greatest purpose in life is to make everyone around him smile. Despite the hardships of vet school, he is always waiting to lope into the frame and make me laugh either by imitating his best gargling attempt at "people talk" or high pawing his way into my heart. Rock on, little buddy. I couldn't do it without you.






Ben the HorseLindsay Knott: This amazing horse is Ben. At 2000 lb and 18.1h, he is the definition of a gentle giant. Ben never fails to bring a smile to my face, even on the worst of days, and always has a way of making me laugh. When I was younger, he taught me about disciple, responsibility and dedication, and continues to remind me of how important all those things are in everyday life. Ben is one of the most important beings in my life, and he is an incredibly special horse. 


Maverick the dog 

Melissanne Dalena: This is my fantastic dog Maverick (below). He helps me stay positive during difficult work weeks always ready to give motivating kisses. We love movie nights at home and enjoying TN weather on our hikes. 





Orange Kitty                                                         


Hollie Hughes:  It's such a stress reliever coming home to my two tabby cats every day.Striped kitty  








storm the guinea pig

Dr. PC: Here is Storm and her first litter. She is one of the few animals that we are not allergic to.  Storm, Darwin, and the babies are part of our menagerie.  Storm tells me every morning as soon as my bedroom shoes hit the bottom step that it is time for their lettuce and carrots.  


Sebastian the catSandra Hill: Sebastian Bogart has it made. Cat napping on a recent Saturday afternoon. He's always there to greet me, and at my side. He has to be carried from the bedroom to the kitchen every morning for his breakfast. Did I mention spoiled! He is a special cat and loves to torment his sister Sophie.


Sadie the dog helping with farmwork


Allison Erkman: I have had my fur baby, Sadie, since December of 2008, when I adopted her from a rescue site. Since that time, she has been a loyal study buddy, a furry shoulder to cry on, a howling hound dog to help me celebrate the good times, and a fabulous source of entertainment with her antics. She has been with me through just about every major turning point in my life, and I hope I show my appreciation for her silent support every day!  This picture was taken during Summer Break 2013, waiting to help me do some farm work.





Harley Quinn the cat

Gina Calvo:Harley Quinn Calvo has been a blessing to me ever since she was my first spay almost 3 years ago when a fellow student convinced me to adopt her. She's quite an unusual cat in the fact that I've never heard her hiss or growl, nor has she ever attempted to bite or scratch (after all, I am a vet student and I've poked and prodded her several times!). She also likes her teeth brushed, and knows how to sit on command as well as stand like a prairie dog for her dental treat after brushing. Harley Quinn has definitely set a high standard for any future household cats!



                                                                                                                                                        Trinity the rescue dogSandy Hamilton: This is Trinity Hamilton!  My husband and I adopted her from the Dyer County Humane Society over 4 years ago, and we have never looked back.  She brought plenty of love and enthusiasm to our family, breathing new life into our geriatric dogs.  She has been a constant companion through the craziness that is vet school, and is always waiting with a cuddle when I get home.








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