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Veterinary college receives endowed scholarship

Gift reflects passion for animal welfare

Tennessee veterinary students show appreciation to the East Tennessee Foundation for the Galbraith Endowed Scholarship


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Through the East Tennessee Foundation (ETF), the estate of Dr. Harry and Carolyn Galbraith presented $250,000 to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine for the Dr. Harry and Carolyn Galbraith Endowed Scholarship Fund.  The senior management team at Galbraith Laboratories established the scholarship in 2000 to honor the Galbraiths and support those pursuing an education in veterinary medicine.  Dr.  Galbraith founded the company in Knoxville in 1950.


University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine recieves endowed scholarship from the East Tennessee Foundation for the Galbraith Scholarship

(left to right: Dr. Jim Thompson, LoAnna Woods, Ken Woods, Michael McClamroch)


Ken Woods, Dr. Galbraiths brother-in-law, and his wife LoAnna are stewards of the Galbraith estate. Woods says Galbraith was good to his employees, loved people and loved animals. Harry developed polio as a young boy and had to recover indoors. During that time he developed a passion for classical music, reading and his faithful companion, the family dog, Woods explains. Throughout his life he never ceased caring for animals and his passion for animal health and welfare continued to grow. Various animal shelters in the area have also benefited from the Galbraith estate, including Young Williams Animal Center which recently received a $250,000 gift through the East Tennessee Foundation  to create the Harry and Carolyn Galbraith Animal Compassion Fund.


Dr. Jim Thompson, dean of the veterinary college, says the scholarship helps many young people graduate with less debt. This gift and continued commitment helps talented veterinary students who will contribute much to animal and public health over their careers, honoring the Galbraiths vision for this profession.


The Galbraiths promoted animal health and welfare in their community and Woods hopes the recipients of the scholarship will pay their experience forward. I hope they will be in a position later in their careers to do the same thing for others.


Since its inception, the scholarship has helped more than 20 students pay part of their tuition.




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