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Getting Started

Key Contacts in Initiating an Animal Based Research or Teaching Project

To obtain an IACUC Protocol Form for Use of Live Vertebrates contact the IACUC office at 4-3631 or visit the committee's website at

For information regarding IACUC procedures, policies, and timelines, contact the IACUC office at 4-3631 or visit the committee's website at

For consultation on selection of an appropriate animal model, alleviation of pain or distress, or assistance with protocol development, contact any OLAC veterinarian.

For issues related to animal husbandry (caging, space availability, etc), contact the respective facility manager.

  • College of Veterinary Medicine Laboratory Animal Facility, 740-3140
  • Walters Life Sciences, 4-2801
  • Graduate School of Medicine, 305-9451
  • Jessie Harris, 4-6253


For technical assistance with experimental procedures and animal handling and restraint, contact the OLAC training coordinator at 4-5841.

For veterinary assistance or consultation, contact any OLAC veterinarian.

For information regarding enrollment in the University's Occupational Health Program for personnel with animal contact, call the Occupational Health Nurse at 4-5728.

For information regarding the use of hazardous materials in animal research protocols, contact the Biosafety Office at 4-1938.

Please visit our FAQs for additional information on initiating an animal based research or teaching project.

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