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Oncology Consult Form Download

Thank you for supporting The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medical Center.In order to improve the quality of information that we provide for those practitioners requesting oncology consultations, we have devised a FAX-based consultation system. This method replaces telephone consultations in order to provide accurate and efficient information from which patient management decisions can be made.

Oncology consultation requests now can be made by filling out the information on a
consultation request form. Pertinent laboratory results and biopsy results can be directly sent with the request form. This form includes a box to indicate whether you are interested in a referral. All information should be faxed to (865) 974-5213. After review by the attending oncology clinician(s), a reply will be faxed back to you within 24-48 hours. The completed consultation form will be kept on file here at UTCVM for 1 month to facilitate referral appointments. Please note that routine referrals can still be made directly by calling (865) 974-8387 for appointment scheduling.

Please find the link for the oncology consultation request form above. A sample consultation reply is also enclosed for your reference.

For oncology emergencies, please call (865) 974-8387 and ask for the oncology
technician. The call will be directed to the technician or to a voicemail box that is regularly checked for client and veterinarian calls. If you have an urgent situation and cannot immediately reach the oncology service, please ask to speak to the emergency service.

Thank you again for your referrals to the UTCVM VMC.  We hope to continue to streamline our protocols and strengthen our working relationship with regional practitioners and pet owners. Please feel free to contact VMC Client Services if you have any questions about this new process.

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