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Welcome to Our House!
Tennessee is home to one of only 28 veterinary colleges in the country.

Every spring, the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine students organize an Open House for the community. This year's event will take place on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We have worked to answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions and provide a general tour map which may be downloaded or printed. This year's theme is "I WILL GIVE MY ALL FOR TENNESSEE VETERINARY MEDICINE". We encourage you to bookmark our site and continue to check back for updated information about this year’s events!

Some of the special activities this year include:

  • Teddy Bear Clinic (bring your stuffed animal for a check-up)
  • Canine Parade of Breeds (Dogs in all shapes and sizes)
  • Behavior Training
  • DOG BITE Prevention video (important information for parents) with RUFUS
  • Equine Parade of Breeds (Did you say you like horses?)
  • Farm Animal Breeds
  • NEW Farm Animal Hospital facilities
  • Information about Wildlife and Exotic Animals
  • Learn about Physical Rehabilitation for Animals (Large & Small)
  • Community Organizations and much more...

Our priority at the UT Veterinary Medical Center is caring for sick animals that are entrusted to us and providing them the best care possible during their stay. We request that visitors keep pets at home to protect both our patients and your pets. Thank you!

Beside the annual UTCVM Open House this year the annual UT Garden's will hold their Plant Sale. We look forward to your visit that will include an educational and fun-filled family activity day!


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The College of Veterinary Medicine was established by an act of the Tennessee Legislature in 1974. The College is part of the University of Tennessee statewide system and is located on the Agricultural Campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.