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Michael Fry
D.V.M., University of Wisc.-Madison
M.S., University of California-Davis
Assistant Professor
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My recent research efforts have focused on the effects of altered iron metabolism on erythropoiesis in dogs. Colleagues and I are currently experimenting with new antibodies in an effort to develop an ELISA assay to measure hepcidin in canine blood samples. Hepcidin is an acute phase protein that is generally accepted to be the main mediator of anemia of inflammation. A valid assay to measure hepcidin in canine serum or plasma could potentially be useful in clinical or research applications. I also enjoy looking for new ways to take advantage of the low cost, technical ease, and rapid turnaround time of fine-needle aspiration cytology. Colleagues and I are in the early phase of a project to assess the usefulness of FNA cytology to diagnose hepatic lipidosis, and monitor response to therapy, in dairy cows. Our hope is that our work will show this method to be valid, and that dairy practitioners will find it to be practical and useful. Ultimately, we hope this method will help to improve animal health and farm profitability.

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