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The radiology section offers a full line of diagnostic services including general diagnostic radiology, radiographic special procedures, ultrasound including color flow Doppler, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine. Radiation oncology is within the radiology section and is described separately. The radiology section is composed of five board-certified radiologists, three radiology residents, four radiology technicians (one of whom is also a nuclear medicine technician), one MRI technician, one radiology clerk, and one secretary. Radiation therapy is run independently by a board-certified radiation oncologist. Approximately 11,000 imaging studies are performed annually. The majority of patients are dogs, cats, and horses. A large number of exotic and zoo animals are also evaluated.

The radiology section provides clinical training in veterinary radiology during the third and fourth years of the professional curriculum. In addition, the radiology section has a residency training program accredited by the American College of Veterinary Radiology.

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