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The Office of Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM) provides research administration for the college and coordinates the Comparative and Experimental Medicine (CEM) Graduate Program in cooperation with the UTCHS Graduate School of Medicine. The office is responsible for research space, graduate stipend allocation, and interaction with compliance officers and committees. In addition to grant and contract coordination and graduate program responsibilities, this office provides administrative oversight for the Tennessee Higher Education Commission Center of Excellence in Livestock Diseases and Human Health, the institutional Office of Laboratory Animal Care, and the UTCVM Laboratory Animal Facilities. The office interfaces with other research units of the UT system; with other university, federal, and state agencies; and with private interests in developing and maintaining collaborative interactions and clinical trials.

Dr. Michael F. McEntee
Associate Dean for Research
A102 Veterinary Medical Center
Tel 865-974-8215

Mrs. Misty Bailey
Communications Coordinator
A102 Veterinary Medical Center
Tel 865-974-7446
About Mrs. Misty Bailey:
She has primary responsibilities for editing scientific manuscripts and grant and contract proposals. She reports research opportunities to the college and produces the newsletter Discovery and the Center of Excellence annual reports. Misty is also responsible for overall coordination of the joint CEM graduate program and is responsible for directing the normal activities of the research and graduate studies office.

Ms. Kim Rutherford
Administrative Specialist
A102 Veterinary Medical Center
Tel 865-974-0227
About Ms. Kim Rutherford:
In addition, she is responsible for communications with potential graduate students and for interactions with the graduate school involving applications, course offerings, and grades. She is the budgetary liaison with the Office of Laboratory Animal Care and the UTCVM Laboratory Animal Facility.

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