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After Dr. Legendre published his initial article on FIP treatment with Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (PI), in 2010, Bria Fund at Winn Feline Foundation awarded Dr. Legendre a grant* to treat 20 cats diagnosed with the dry form FIP with PI to see if this treatment is effective against FIP a devastating disease affecting up to 5% of cats in shelters and catteries. PI directed the immune system to mount a cell mediated immune response against the FIP virus. The numbers of cats enrolled exceeded 20 very fast, and the research group has treated 58 cats. For details of the study, visit the Diagnostic Protocol page.

*Thanks to Feline Pine who has funded this research

Doses and regimen used in the FIP study: Polyprenyl Immunostimulant is given orally, 3 mg/kg
(1.5 ml/kg) three days weekly

You can donate directly to Dr. Legendre's FIP research at the University of Tennessee through the UTCM giving site ( Just follow the instructions.

For the actual giving site listing of gift funds, please add to the printable givt form under Small Animal Clinical Sciences, and below Oncology Research, please list: Dr. Legendre for FIP Research.

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