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The following information describes research on Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) conducted by Dr. Alfred M. Legendre at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

Feline Infectious peritonitis (FIP) is one of the most devastating diseases of cats. It is considered nearly 100% fatal. Efforts at vaccination and treatment have been unproductive. Our pilot study treating cats with the dry form of FIP with the Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (PI) have produced promising results (Legendre & Bartges, 2009). It is commonly believed that cell-mediated immunity is required for elimination of the FIP virus. Cats in the terminal stages of FIP have severe depletion of the CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes necessary for mounting a cell mediated immune response. PI enhances cell-mediated immunity through upregulation of Th1 cytokines.

In 2006, we treated 3 cats diagnosed with dry FIP, and one of those is alive and healthy today. The study was resumed in 2009, and by now 30 cats have cleared a 1-year survival mark. Under the study funded by Winn Feline Foundation, we have treated 58 client owned, qualifying cats and assessed their progress on a monthly basis. This study was an open, one arm trial without a placebo control group because of ethical concerns about having a non-treatment group in a disease considered 100% fatal. Results of the study were presented at ACVIM Meeting in New Orleans in May 2012 and AAHA Meeting in Phoenix, AZ 2013.


Polyprenyl ACVIM 2012 Statement Legendre & Bartges, 2009

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