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Research fuels discovery and advances knowledge, culminating in biomedical
and technological advances that transform our world.

Faculty, staff, and students in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) contribute to the process of discovery through a wide range of basic and translational interests that impact not only veterinary medicine but also the biomedical sciences in general as well as the public health needs of the state and nation. The CVM has seen dramatic growth in extramural support during this decade, enabling the pursuit of advancements of significant benefit to our local, national, and international communities. The growth in funding has been in both federal and private arenas, and is reflected in a doubling of annual restricted account expenditures.

The recounted results were accomplished primarily during the preceding 5-year strategic plan. That plan created a supportive infrastructure for research, helping to drive almost a 3-fold increase in research funding. The current strategic plan (2006-2011) further promotes research, including the development of emphasis areas and a strategy to enhance the national prominence of CVM research. Identified emphasis areas and initiatives represent the overall direction of CVM research as the college progresses through the start of the new century. A major point of importance is that the emphasis areas and initiatives are shared college-wide and not restricted to departments.

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